• The suspect, a man named Kavish Shamloll, confessed

A 41-year-old security guard was horrified to discover that his bank accounts had been emptied following fraudulent transactions. A total of Rs 800,000 was stolen from his accounts at MCB and MauBank. He claims that he was threatened and forced to sign documents by an individual he has known for only a few months. The investigation, conducted by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Piton, led to the arrest of the latter, one Hemraj Shamloll, alias Kavish, for wire fraud.

The arrest of the 43-year-old Rivière-du-Rempart resident, which occurred on June 27, follows a lengthy investigation into fraudulent transactions involving threats and extortion. In his statement, the victim claims that for several months, Kavish Shamloll had been regularly taking him to his workplace in Coromandel in his white Nissan. In October 2023, the security guard claims to have lost his MauBank debit card in the suspect's vehicle. The suspect gave him the card and only later noticed that it was not his. He subsequently noticed fraudulent transactions on his MauBank and MCB accounts until January 2024.

According to the victim, the person named Kavish Shamloll allegedly threatened to harm her physically and forced her to sign documents under threat. He also allegedly made cash withdrawals of Rs 300,000 on October 19, 2023 and a sum of Rs 71,000 for the purchase of jewellery on October 20, 2023.

Fearing for his safety, the security guard did not report the case earlier. However, he provided the police with MauBank and MCB account statements to support his statement. He also identified Hemraj Shamloll. The latter was questioned extensively and eventually confessed his guilt. A search of his house resulted in the seizure of a gold ring and a pair of gold earrings, which were taken into evidence.

A provisional charge of wire fraud was filed against him in the Rivière-du-Rempart District Court. The police opposed his release on bail and he was remanded in custody.

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