A feeling of insecurity reigned in Marine Road, Port Louis, near the Princess Tuna factory. On Monday, June 24, a 38-year-old Bangladeshi worker experienced a real ordeal in this port region. In broad daylight, around 12:30 p.m., she had left her workplace to go to the bank and withdraw Rs 32,000. On her way back, this employee of the Princess Tuna factory was the victim of a case of violent robbery.

An unknown person attacked her, violently throwing her onto the asphalt before stealing her handbag containing the sum of Rs 32,000, her cell phone and her passport. The same day, in the presence of an interpreter, the Bangladeshi woman alerted the Trou-Fanfaron police. Officers from various units mobilized, including the Criminal Investigation Division of the Port, investigators from the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit of Port-Louis North and the Criminal Investigation Division of Port-Louis North.

Initially, the Port CID investigators targeted homeless people squatting in a dilapidated house in the port area. The squad of Sergeants Khadaroo and Ghengadoo raided the house, verifying the identities of the 11 occupants. They were able to confirm that the suspect was also living there.

In turn, Inspector Mohess' squad of the DCIU of Port-Louis North, in collaboration with the Force Crime Intelligence Unit, deployed its men on the ground. They thus confirmed the description of the suspect who had attacked the worker. On Thursday, June 27, the police raided the capital and arrested Jean Luc Sebastien Cartick, a 31-year-old mason, residing in Beau-Vallon, Mahébourg.

Under intense interrogation by the CID of Port-Louis North, led by Inspector Lullith, the criminal, who had taken refuge in the dilapidated house, confessed to having attacked the Bangladeshi woman. The woman also positively identified him. The stolen items could not be recovered. The suspect was provisionally charged with robbery with violence this Friday and placed behind bars.

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