• An accusation of cell phone theft at the origin of the tragedy

A terrible tragedy took place on Wednesday evening in Ramgoolam Road, Plaine-des-Papayes. Visham Busgeeth, aged 41, was attacked with a brick by his brother Ravi, aged 39. Then, the latter doused his eldest with diesel, before lighting a match. Visham did not survive this savage attack. At the origin of this fratricide, the victim had accused his brother of the theft of his cell phone.

The Busgeeth brothers are known to the Plaine-des-Papayes police services. Officers had to intervene several times at their home, where they have lived alone since the death of their parents. “Each time, they drank and ended up arguing violently. This situation has worsened since the recent disappearance of their parents. Both have alcohol-related problems. Also, Ravi stole from his brother to finance his consumption,” explains a neighbor close to the two brothers.

A few weeks ago, Visham went to the village police station to lodge a complaint against his brother. “One evening, they had been drinking and came to watch a football match at home. Ravi had stolen his brother's cell phone and resold it,” says the relative. Ravi was then arrested for cell phone theft, then released on bail.

A denunciation that he did not digest. Once back home, the arguments with Visham became more violent. “Wednesday morning, I was coming home from work when I heard them arguing. I spoke to them. Visham ti pe dir ki so brother pe anvi touy li. Nou ti al lapolis,” he continues.

Then, Wednesday morning, the arguments started again. “Around 11 a.m. this time, they were still arguing about the theft of the cell phone. I once again went to see them to try to bring them to their senses. My dad is sick and needs peace. After work, says this neighbor. However, during his absence, the situation deteriorated. “Kan monn vini aswar, monn aprann ki Visham inn mor e ki se so bror mem kinn vinn kot nou pou direr ki Visham inn mor brile,” he said.

Chilling confessions

The Plaine-des-Papayes police were called. Officers found the charred victim on the ground in the back of the house. The Pamplemousses criminal brigade (CID), led by SI Seeparsand, and elements of the Field Intelligence Unit arrested Ravi Busgeeth.

Faced with the facts, the suspect confessed. He explained to investigators that he and his brother argued about the stolen cell phone. Out of it and under the influence of alcohol, he said he grabbed a brick to attack Visham in the head several times. He collapsed. “Linn tonbe, li pa ti pe breathe,” he made the CID sleuths understand. “Monn al andan monn pran enn matla ek monn met mo li lorla, monn zet diesel lor li, apre monn met dife,” he told the police.

Ravi Busgeeth was placed in a police cell. On Thursday, he was presented to the Pamplemousses district court on a provisional charge of murder. He remains in detention. The post-mortem carried out on Visham Busgeeth revealed that he died of excessive burns. The sister of the two male brothers is devastated. She lives abroad and during the funeral she was not allowed to see Visham one last time.

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