A community group in Crawley is offering support to Chagossians currently housed in a leisure center in the town, reports the BBC in an article posted online this Friday June 14.

Crawley Council said a “significant number” of people had arrived at Gatwick Airport from Mauritius in recent days.

The government launched a route to British citizenship for people of Chagossian descent in November 2022.

Supportive posts garnered hundreds of likes, including one saying the community group would “do a small collection of essentials” for those staying at K2. One group member commented that he “welcomed” the Chagossians and wished he could “make things better for them.”

The British government granted British passports to the Chagossians to recognize Britain's role in expelling the islanders in the 1960s and 1970s so that a US military base could be built at Diego Garcia.

At the time, most of the islands' population was sent to Mauritius.

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