He is the creator of Ivanarchi, a Mauritian men's clothing brand, established in La Caverne, Vacoas, for seven years. At 31, he draws inspiration from a bygone era to design his vintage models, adopted by fashion lovers. His wish is to continue creating and offering a wide range of products to Mauritians.

Pleated, high-waisted pants, combined with a wide shirt with a somewhat rockabilly style, both formal and casual, reflect the style of the designer of Ivanarchi. Indeed, Ivadassen Carpen, 31, has a look all his own and this shines through his creations. Alone, he perfectly masters the language of clothing. “I have always been passionate about fashion. See the suit pants and casual open-neck shirts making a comeback? This is what I try to offer to Mauritians,” says the founder of Ivanarchi, located in La Caverne, Vacoas where with his small team, he has been making men's clothing since 2017.

“I have some knowledge of sewing,” says the Vacoassien. Between the pockets, the fly, and the belt, the young man does not mix scissors. To create his basic pattern, the stylist uses a large pattern sheet. He traces the frame of the pants in front, draws the amount of the front, traces the bottom of the pants in front, then traces the frame of the pants in the back. “We start by creating the design. Then comes the stage of choosing raw materials to determine what we are going to produce. Subsequently, we carry out clothing tests to see the final result,” he explains.

For its models, Ivadassen Carpen draws its inspiration from the 1940s, marked by the Second World War, where the color code was inspired by the era, with shades such as khaki and navy blue, borrowed from the armed forces. Moreover, its Aviation Cropped Jacket collection is proof of this. It is also inspired by the 50s and sometimes social media trends. “It all comes from my uncle too. For 20 years he was in fashion. He ran a clothing factory. Unfortunately, he went bankrupt, but I never stopped admiring him. He had impeccable clothing style. He was definitely my role model,” shares the young man, a fervent fashion lover. “I always told myself that one day, I would continue in his footsteps,” says the cinema lover.

“I also appreciate stylists who are not very well known”

Moreover, the creator of atypical models has had aspirations in this field for almost always. “I always wanted to create my brand, except that at the time, I didn't have the necessary resources to get started,” says the man who initially completed his tertiary studies. “I had two projects in mind. Finally, I moved towards the second idea. » However, for the holder of a diploma in Human Resources Management, everything begins with a combination of circumstances. “I initially wanted to go into management, but it didn’t work out. Eventually, I became the creator of my own clothing brand,” confides the fan of Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. “I also appreciate stylists who are not very well known. »

Furthermore, like many entrepreneurs, he confides that everything is not so easy to manage. “After Covid, it was complicated. Thanks to the tremendous support from my family and my perseverance, I was able to continue,” relates the founder of Ivanarchi, who also admits that dropshipping and clothing sales on TikTok don’t make things easy. “The fact that I create in a different way helps me get through it. I now have loyal customers,” continues the fashion enthusiast who, at the start of the creation of his brand, had difficulty being respected by certain suppliers. “When we're young, sometimes some people don't take us seriously. »

Today, Ivadassen Carpen is known for his style and clothing designs. “At times, people call me Ivanarchi! » Many come to him thanks to social networks. “I get a lot of photos of people wearing my clothes. It makes me happy,” says the man who plans to create his own line of tailor-made men’s suits. “At the same time, I also want to organize a fashion show. Why not ? »

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