Promote gender equality in the world of work and support women at various stages of their professional and personal lives. This is the commitment made by the government, the Minister of Finance made clear. Whether it is the renewal of the Employment Bonus, subsidies for future mothers or the extension of maternity leave, the measures announced in the 2024/2025 Budget aim to strengthen the well-being of the fairer sex, both in society and in the economy.

Employment bonus

According to the Minister of Finance, thanks to measures taken last year, women's participation in the labor force increased from 43% to 48%. Consequently, the Employment Bonus program for those who do not work, regardless of their age, will be continued. In addition, in order to encourage them to join the job market, this program will be adapted to those wishing to work part-time. The government will contribute an amount of Rs 7,500 to their salary for 20 hours of work.

Grant of Rs 3,000 to pregnant women

To encourage expectant mothers to systematically carry out required health check-ups during pregnancy, they will receive a grant of Rs 3,000 once the six mandatory medical check-ups are completed.

“Maternity Allowance” of Rs 2,000 per month

To meet the cost of medical care, nutrients and supplements for the mother before delivery and in the first months after birth, the government will provide other financial assistance. This is a monthly “Maternity Allowance” of Rs 2,000 for the mother. This amount will be paid for nine months, starting from the 28th week of pregnancy.

Maternity leave increases from 14 to 16 weeks

In order to better support mothers in managing their professional and family responsibilities, maternity leave will increase from 14 to 16 weeks. For those who have given birth to twins, triplets or more, or a premature newborn, an additional two weeks of maternity leave will be granted.

Free sanitary napkins

From January 1, 2025, the government will introduce free distribution of sanitary napkins to all girls from Grade 6 to Grade 13.

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