Successful raid by the Police Headquarters Special Striking Team, this Friday, June 7. 175 grams of herbal cannabis, with an estimated street value of Rs 525,000, were seized in an apartment located in Morcellement Petit Morne, La Gaulette, Rivière-Noire.

Having reliable information, the squad led by Superintendent Ashik Jagai had placed this apartment under surveillance. For several days, the police had been watching for any suspicious movement on site.

This Friday afternoon, in the presence of the owner of the premises, the police, armed with a search warrant, began a search. During this exercise, the police officers' doubts were confirmed with the discovery of a plastic bag stuffed with cannabis herb and two other plastic bags containing the same drug. An electronic scale, suspected of being used for weighing drugs, was also seized.

The owner of the premises, a 63-year-old pensioner, was questioned. He denied any knowledge of the presence of these drugs and told the police that he had rented his apartment to a woman named Ursule. Subsequently, the latter sublet this apartment to a woman named Corine M.
As of Friday evening, these two women were nowhere to be found despite searches launched by the Special Striking Team. The police suspect them of being involved in the distribution of cannabis on the west coast of the island. The police investigation continues.

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