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Anonymous asked 1 month ago

We just checked in. Was considering upgrading to business class for £1,500, but decided against it. Another holiday in the books. Lol

Karen Grogan answered 1 month ago

So I’m not the only one that measures money on holidays then 🤣

Carolyn Parkinson answered 1 month ago

People do what they want and I don’t see why anyone should mind what others do. When people say it’s another holiday how do you fit that other holiday in? We run a business we get away 2 or 3 times a year. We work up to point we leave for airplane start back on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

John Drewitt answered 1 month ago

I’m 6’7”, so economy is out.

Sadly, my wife insists on joining me 😱🤣.

It is expensive, but the comfort, food, wine, champagne and feeling of general wellbeing effectively gives us two extra days’ holiday.

Well worth it. 😁

Guna Flow answered 1 month ago

what airline and from
where Julie Tuffin ?

Elena Mio answered 1 month ago

I always fly economy, but travel crazy much🥰☀️😁

Justin Charles Clarke answered 1 month ago

Thought about it, but yes , £1500 is a decent holiday to the Canaries with decent accommodation and I’m 5ft 7 and Mrs is smaller , So we will cope in economy 😎

Marian Kate McCarthy answered 1 month ago

Emirates have us over a barrel these prices are criminal.

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