Initial investigation: After the discovery of the charred body of Soopramanien Kistnen on October 18, 2020, the police opened an investigation. According to Pravind Jugnauth, 98 people were questioned by the CCID. The investigation is not yet complete.

Judicial investigation: on December 4, 2020, a judicial investigation was opened in the Moka district court, following disturbing elements provided by the Avengers team of lawyers. This was completed on November 21, 2021. Following the findings of magistrate Vidya Mungroo-Jugurnath, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is asking the police for a thorough investigation to explore the possible motives for the murder of the MSM agent, Soopramanien Kistnen. These possible reasons are the matter of the fictitious employment or not of Simla Kistnen, widow of Soopramanien Kistnen, as Constituency Clerk of Yogida Sawmynaden, then Minister of Commerce; alleged fraudulent practices during the last general elections in reference to the “Kistnen Papers”, and alleged blackmail by the deceased towards Yogida Sawmynaden regarding the awarding of contracts by the STC and other parastatals during the Covid-related lockdown 19 in 2020. The investigation should also focus on the manner in which the autopsy was carried out on the deceased by the police forensic doctor. The police initially concluded that it was suicide, although Soopramanien Kistnen had been murdered.

Constituency Clerk Investigation: Ten people were questioned by the CCID in the case of the fictitious or otherwise employment of the widow of Soopramanien Kistnen, by former minister Yogida Sawmynaden. The judgment is expected on May 30.

Autopsy case: Dr Ananda Sunnassee, forensic doctor who autopsied the body of Soopramanien Kistnen, attributed the cause of death to pulmonary edema and noted the presence of Pethidine, a powerful sedative in the blood of the deceased and mentioned the theory of overdose with this medication. He also concluded that the ex-MSM agent was “still breathing” at the time of the fire. In Parliament, Pravind Jugnauth reveals that after the judicial investigation, the forensic doctor was again questioned and that he maintained his conclusions. On July 13, 2022, samples of the deceased's lung tissue were sent to the Institute of Pathology in Nantes, France. On October 14, 2022, the latter corroborated the medical examiner's report.

MCIT investigation: The investigation requested by the DPP was entrusted to the MCIT. Fifty-six people were interviewed. The investigation is not yet complete.

ICAC investigation: The investigation entrusted to ICAC on the part of public contracts allocated by or through Soopramanien Kistnen was taken over by the FCC. This is not yet finished.

Investigation into expenses beyond the legal limit by Pravind Jugnauth and his running mates: The Electoral Commissioner had sent correspondence, including a letter dated January 9, 2021 from Rezistans ek Alternativ to the CCID where there was question of non-compliance with the ceiling of expenses authorized for the 2019 electoral campaign by Pravind Jugnauth and his running mates Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun and Yogida Sawmynaden. The Prime Minister indicates that 11 people have been questioned so far.

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