Vimen Sabapati, who faces three provisional charges, asked the Court for permission to travel. The magistrate will decide on June 11, 2024.

“Zame mo pou sove. » This is what former Muay Thai national coach Vimen Sabapati declared on Tuesday June 4, 2024, on the witness stand before the Port-Louis court. This 39-year-old resident of Vacoas requested the temporary lifting of the travel ban imposed on him. He said under oath that he must go to Thailand and China. The reason for his trip is that he is invited to attend a Muay Thai training session with ten students in Thailand.

Additionally, he added that he wants to buy a boxing ring for Muay Thai. What he has not been able to do so far, because he was arrested on May 3, 2023, by the Special Striking Team (SST) after the discovery of 10.35 kg of heroin worth Rs 150 million in his vehicle.

On May 27, 2024, he requested the Port-Louis court to authorize him to travel. Vimen Sabapati said that before being arrested on May 3, 2023, he had already been authorized by the same body to travel while facing other criminal cases. Forbidding him from making this trip would be tantamount to “also penalizing his students” because as their coach, it is essential for him to accompany them.

Police say they fear Vimen Sabapati will flee if he is allowed to travel to Thailand. This is the reason given by SST Sergeant Samad Korimbocus. The latter was mandated by the police commissioner to oppose the request of this resident of Vacoas. The police officer was cross-examined at length by Me Shakeel Mohamed, Vimen Sabapati's lawyer.

The police officer claimed that the documents provided by Vimen Sapabati are photocopies and that there is a lack of information about the competition in which he is to participate. In addition, the police officer maintained that Vimen Sabapati faces a heavy sentence if he is ever found guilty at the Assizes. “If he goes to Thailand or China, it will be difficult to locate and arrest him given the number of residents in these countries. »

The prosecution was represented by Mr. Bhamini Prayag Rajcoomar, Acting Principal State Counsel. Magistrate Naazish Sakauloo will make her decision known on June 11, 2024.

Vimen Sabapati is currently facing three provisional charges before the Port Louis court. In particular for drug trafficking, money laundering and criminal conspiracy.

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