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Job description: A job interview can indeed be stressful for many candidates either if you are a newbie or not. Think of it like a wedding, you cannot just show up unprepared and see how it goes. If you don’t know much about the company or possible tricky questions you may get, it’s most unlikely that the recruiter will offer you a particular role.1. RESEARCH THE COMPANYSearch the company you are going to be interviewed for. Go on the company’s website, and look out for the different products and services, their team, the latest news, and their blog. Stalk their social media as well and try to get as much information as you can. Take a notebook and write down any relevant information that you may need during your interview.Why do you need to research the company?Well, first of all, it shows your interest in the job that you have applied for and that you are already familiar with the company’s identity. You need to be able to tell a recruiter about what caught your interest in their company and how the position you have applied for is important to you.Remember to stay genuine in all you say.2. OWN THE POSITION YOU APPLIED FORImmerse yourself into the job that you applied for before going to the job interview. It’s great to read the job description or read about the company. But, try to pay close attention to the job in question.When applying as an HR Officer, pay attention to the recruitment process or the way the job descriptions had been advertised. Same way, if you are going for a position in the marketing department, pay closer attention to the employer’s brand, the way they communicate on social media, and their visual identity.For any position that you are going to be interviewed for, go to your interview as if you owned the position you applied for.Grasp this opportunity to showcase some relevant points in your CV. Make sure to match them to what you have caught as keywords in the job description. Find some examples of projects that you have achieved.3. ANTICIPATE KEY QUESTIONSA job interview should be a constructive exchange between a recruiter and a candidate so that both sides can see whether there can be a match and a potential collaboration.However, some questions may catch you off-guard if ever you haven’t prepared for them.Key questions can also be questions that you want to ask a recruiter. At the end of an interview, the recruiter will probably ask you if you have any questions. It’s good to have a few of them in mind. Do not just ask about your salary or off days. Try to learn more about the company, and the department for which you have applied.Now that you got some great tips to prepare for your job interview, be confident and get your dream job! Remember that the right attitude will help you win over the hiring manager. Do your research, find out more about the position you applied for and prepare some key questions in advance and you’ll be set up for your interview!👉👉👉 Want to have more insights about the Labour market?Related ArticlesLeave your thought hereYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.CategoryTagsNewsletterTalents, stay ahead of the curve with the latest in career tips and top job opportunities!Your first nameYour emailSuscribe nowAbout UsExplore job opportunities in Mauritius with and discover clear job listings, transparent application processes and an easy-to-use platform to navigate and advance your career journey!

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