He will now think twice before following strangers on guided tours. A British tourist experienced an ordeal in the Tranquebar region on Friday May 17. The Briton, aged 68, was at the Port-Louis market when he was accosted by a woman who offered him a guided tour of the city of Port-Louis. The tourist accepted the offer and followed the woman who directed him to a taxi. Direction: Tranquebar, a suburb of Port-Louis.

In Tranquebar, they went to the shop, not far from Le Pouce mountain, to buy beer. The woman then invited the man to follow her home. The Briton followed her without knowing what awaited him. Inside, he got the shock of his life. He came across two men who threw themselves at him. One of them immobilized him and strangled him before stealing a sum of Rs 10,000 as well as his cell phone. The attackers and other occupants of the house then fled, locking the door from the outside.

The Briton forced a window through which he was able to escape. Outside, he recounted his ordeal to a resident who helped him contact the police.

In the wake of this investigation, investigators from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Port-Louis South took on board three suspects: Hans Arnaud Quatre Bornes (31 years old) and Linley Shane Quatre Bornes. The two men confessed to their participation in this case of violent robbery. They are being held in police custody. A woman was also taken on board, but during her interrogation, she denied any involvement in this affair. She was allowed to return home.

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