The Assistant DPP, Me Roshan Santokhee, is at the heart of a controversy. Photos of him, participating in a lunch organized by the village council and intended for seniors in Fond-du-Sac, were published on social networks and in the press. He was seen alongside two MSM ministers.

The event considered political in constituency no. 6 (Grand-Baie/Poudre-d'Or), is poorly received from an ethical point of view. Asked for a statement, this representative of the DPP office remained unreachable.

The office of the DPP, under the leadership of Me Rashid Ahmine, sent, last week, a correspondence in this regard to the Judicial and Legal Service Commission (JLSC), a body chaired by Chief Justice Rehana Mungly-Gulbul and which has the members Senior Puisne Judge Nirmala Devat and a judge of the Supreme Court, as well as the Chairman of the Public Service Commission.

The JLSC holds disciplinary powers against officers it appoints as do officers of the DPP's office. The said commission has the power to impose a warning in the form of a reprimand or dismissal in certain cases. It may also decide to establish a disciplinary committee for cases deemed more serious. She can also ban officers from office while she rules on their cases. Thus, a decision is expected later this week on the case of lawyer Roshan Santokhee.

Before becoming Assistant DPP, Me Roshan Santokhee held the position of Senior State Counsel. He also served as a magistrate in the Port-Louis district court. He officiated as Returning Officer in the 2020 village elections in Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche. He was the prosecution's lawyer during the motion for Bruneau Laurette's release on bail before the Moka court in 2023.

More recently, he was one of the lawyers responsible for leading the prosecution in the trial brought against businessman Bernard Maigrot.

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