A police officer has been arrested for giving a false medical certificate to a suspect on parole in a drug trafficking case. This happened after the suspect failed to appear at the police station, a condition included in his parole.

A week later, the suspect went to the Mahébourg police station with a medical certificate. On site, the police, suspecting a suspicious affair, immediately initiated an investigation.
A doctor at Mahébourg hospital confirmed that he had not issued this medical certificate to the suspect. After questioning the doctor, the alleged trafficker was confronted with evidence that it was a falsified document. The latter was quick to confess, admitting that the document was a forgery.

This resident of Beau-Vallon then revealed the name of a constable assigned to the Mahébourg police station as being the one who gave him the false certificate. The police officer, already identified, was placed in a police cell after being charged with falsifying documents. He is temporarily suspended from his duties.

The investigation was entrusted to the Mahébourg CID, after the police officer's house was searched. Several personal effects as well as his cell phone were seized.

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