A cocaine distribution and trafficking network was bypassed by the Flying Squad of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit. Deployed on the ground, Assistant Superintendent Bahadoor's men had placed a police officer who had been suspended from duty for some time under discreet surveillance. Investigators had information about his involvement in cocaine trafficking on the west coast of the island.

On Thursday, May 30, at Eucalyptus Road, in Cascavelle, Georges Elvis Finniss was stopped and searched by bloodhounds from the Flying Squad. 56 plastic packets containing 80.43 g of cocaine as well as another packet of 43.62 g were found in his bag.

This 26-year-old man was arrested immediately. The police also seized an electronic scale bearing traces of drugs which was in his possession. Georges Elvis Finniss was placed in police custody. This Monday, he will answer to drug trafficking before the Bambous court.

Cocaine is known as the drug of the rich. It is sold mainly in the southwest and the north. This drug is very popular in parties organized in certain hotels and during Rave Parties.

There have been various seizures of cocaine in the country. On May 20, at SSR airport, 6.6 kg of cocaine worth Rs 100 million was seized. A Bolivian couple was arrested by customs authorities. In 2019, 95 kg of cocaine were discovered in the engine compartment of a backhoe loader. The investigation did not lead to any arrests, the authorities favoring the hypothesis that this drug was not intended for the Mauritian market.

At the end of 2022, at Plaisance airport, cocaine worth Rs 48 million was seized from two Ukrainian nationals. This drug in liquid form was concealed in two bottles of alcoholic beverage.

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