The director of Eastern Mix LTD, Vikash Woochit dots the “i” after the accident which occurred on the highway near Roche Bois last Saturday. Speaking to the press this Monday afternoon, February 26, Vikash Woochit affirmed that the truck involved in the accident did not belong to his company. He specified that he had used the services of a third party company for customs clearance and transport of a cement pump from the Port to Laventure.

His lawyer also announced that they are considering taking civil action against those who spread misinformation about Vikash Woochit and his involvement in this accident.

As a reminder, part of the footbridge reserved for pedestrians in Roche-Bois was destroyed after being hit by the truck in question. The driver is currently in police custody, facing a provisional charge of Damaging Government Property. The police objected to his release on bail. Two objections were put forward, including the risk of him interfering with witnesses and for his own safety.

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