One more young person among the road deaths. Pramaveshrao Sunyasee, 18, died in the early hours of Friday June 7. The young man, who lives in Belle-Rive, in Hermitage, was involved in an accident on the highway in Ébène, on Sunday June 2.

The young man was in the back seat when this tragedy occurred shortly after midnight. He was in the company of two friends, aged 21 and 24. The car left the road and ended up hitting a parapet on the highway in front of the Tribeca shopping center. Rose Hill police and Quatre-Bornes firefighters were called to the scene. The car was badly damaged. This accident caused a slowdown on the highway. The firefighters had to cut up the vehicle to extract the three young people. Pramaveshrao Sunyasee was seriously injured and placed under observation in intensive care at Victoria Hospital in Candos. The breathalyzer test performed on the 21-year-old driver was negative. The other two young people also received treatment. The driver was placed under observation while the other passenger was able to return home. But the young passenger did not survive. An autopsy carried out at Victoria Hospital in Candos attributed his death to his injuries.

The number of road deaths since the start of the year is 64. This represents an increase in the number of fatal accidents recorded this year. In 2023 at the same time, four vehicle passengers had been killed, this year there were ten deaths.

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