The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will not appeal in the Constituency Clerk case. This is what emerges from a press release issued this Monday.

Magistrate Anusha D. Rawoah, sitting in the Intermediate Court, gave the benefit of the doubt to former minister Yogida Sawmynaden, due to contradictions in the testimony of the declarant, Simla Kistnen. The DPP's office explains that there is insufficient basis to appeal.

Recall that on Thursday, May 30, the Intermediate Court pronounced a verdict of acquittal in favor of the former Minister of Commerce, Yogida Sawmynaden, under charge No. 1, and the benefit of the doubt under charge No. 2, in the “Constituency Clerk” case. Aged 47, the MSM deputy faced two charges: “forgery of private writing” and “making use of forged private writing” under articles 111 and 112 of the Penal Code.

Below is the press release from the DPP office:


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