The members of the PTr-MMM alliance were in Caroline, Flacq, for their mobilization meeting in constituencies 9, 10 and 11 in preparation for the May 1 meeting. Ajay Gunness, from the MMM, focused on “the betrayal of the PMSD”, while the former PTr minister, Anil Bachoo, took up the cause of Paul Bérenger.

During his speech in Caroline on Wednesday evening, the deputy leader of the MMM, Ajay Gunness, dwelt on what he described as “betrayal of the PSMD”. “Everyone’s primary goal is to kick this government out.” According to him, this was also the objective of the PMSD which was in the parliamentary opposition alliance until April 14. “Me malerezman, li ti pe manz banann dan de bout. Li ti pe anvi sabot nou miting 1st-Me. We discovered everything in time. Misie-la inn fini iron so mariaz. I'll tie the knot with your PMSD kouma Khushal, Véronique and Richard. This betrayal of the PMSD has fueled people’s anger,” he said.

He also denounced the fact that PTr and MMM banners had been “torn up”. “Zot krwar zot inn aste pei-la. Pa swiv zot lexanp. Par ant dan provokasion. Kan enn dimounn som, li pou provok ou pou ou fer erer”, will say the deputy leader of the MMM.

Ajay Gunness dwelled on “the betrayal of the PMSD”

For Ajay Gunness, “governman protected by Speaker. It is unfair. On the other hand, the latest Audit report, which was made public at the beginning of April, highlights “boukou evidans”.

As for Anil Bachoo, former minister and member of the PTr, he defended Paul Bérenger, leader of the MMM. “Kan mo dimann dimounn ki mani, zot dir zot bien. Me kan koz Bérenger, zot ezite. Me Bérenger zame inn bles la kominote. Kan nou get saki Gobin inn fer… Komie sakrifis inn fer pou Ganga Talao. Zot inn poliye Ganga Talao. Nou pa pe koz bon kote Bérenger, me kouler lapo,” the former Labor minister said.

He says that many Mauritians “prefer to leave the country”. “5,000 Mauritians left for Canada. Zame mo pou dir enn Morisien revini tan ki zot o pouvwar. Okenn pei pa ti pou tolere saki sa Speaker-la pe fer. For no one else, no contact is made without liability. Anyway, it’s like that, me Bobby Hurreeram pa kone,” added Anil Bachoo.

Anil Bachoo says the country is going backwards, as are the institutions. “Clinics are springing up like mushrooms. You can privatize it so that you can spend your money in a healthy way. An mem tan, sistem edikatif inn finished net,” the speaker will say.

Sudhir Sesungkur, former MSM minister, on the PTr-MMM platform

The former deputy for Bel-Air/Rivière-Sèche (10) and MSM Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance, Sudhir Sesungkur, spoke on Wednesday evening at the PTr-MMM congress in Caroline. “Everyone must come together to save our country. This is why I decided to give a helping hand to the PTr-MMM alliance. It is important that everyone who believes in the country works together to save it. He is making sure that this government leaves as quickly as possible,” he said.

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