Lawyer Akil Bissessur, his brother Avinash Bissessur and his partner Doomila Devi Moheeputh reiterated their motion to strike out the provisional charges against them. It was Friday May 24, 2024, through their lawyers, before magistrate Pamela Veerabadran-Mudaliar, at the Mahébourg court.

The points made by the lawyers of the Bissessur brothers and Doomila Devi Moheeputh are that there is no reasonable suspicion justifying the arrest and provisional indictment of their client. Furthermore, they argued that their client's arrest and provisional indictment were politically motivated. The prosecution will make its position known on this motion on June 27.

The three defendants had requested that the Special Striking Team be removed from the investigation in this case. Their lawyers have indicated that they are awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court in the Vimen Sabapati case to decide how to proceed.

In this case, Me Akil Bissessur retained the services of Messrs Sanjeev Teeluckdharry and Rama Valayden. As for Avinash Bissessur, he is represented by Me José Moirt. While Me Neelkant Dulloo and Vimal Rajkoomar defend Doomila Devi Moheeputh.

Brothers Bissessur and Doomila Devi Moheeputh were arrested after interception of 1,022 tablets suspected of being a dangerous drug on June 16, 2023, in Mauritius from Germany. They are accused of having hatched a plot, in May 2023, to import these tablets. The package would have been in the name of Avinash Bissessur at the lawyer's address in Quatre-Bornes.

Me Akil Bissessur, 41, answers to three provisional charges before the Mahébourg court. He is accused of “conspiracy to import dangerous drugs”, “attempt to possess dangerous drugs for the purpose of distribution with an averment of trafficking” and “possession of prohibited goods”.

For her part, Doomila Devi Moheeputh, 48, faces two provisional charges: “conspiracy to import dangerous drugs” and “aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime”.

Avinash Bissessur, 35, faces two provisional charges: possession of dangerous drugs for resale and “conspiracy to import dangerous drugs”.

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