In Camp-de-Masque-Pavé, Annisha Juggoo, 39, shares her daily life with her two children, aged 18 and 14. Hearing impaired from birth, she communicates with perseverance, despite the challenges that mark her path. His words, sometimes hesitant, resonate with those who take the time to listen to him. His smile transcends words, illuminating each encounter with its human warmth.

It is her husband, Naseeroudeen Auhammud, 47 years old, who tells us the story of this exceptional woman. “Since she was little, Annisha has always been active and engaged. She even excelled in dance competitions in Malaysia during her youth, while she was still at school,” he confides with palpable pride.

Despite her disability, Annisha Juggoo continued her educational journey until middle school. However, she had to end her studies and found a job in a factory. “We met at work. I never considered his disability as an obstacle. She's a normal person, except that she doesn't hear well and doesn't speak well. For the rest, she is like anyone else,” explains Naseeroudeen Auhammud.

Their 19-year marriage had its ups and downs, but together they were able to face life's challenges. The couple have two children. “Annisha is devoted body and soul to her children, ready to do anything for their well-being. When they were still babies and cried at night, I would wake her up so she could take care of them. As the years went by, the children grew up and started calling for him as soon as they woke up. His reassuring presence was always a source of comfort for them, even when the nights were disturbed by crying,” remembers Naseeroudeen Auhammud.

He adds that his wife excels in cooking, particularly in making cakes to order. Despite the obstacles, Annisha Juggoo remains an exemplary mother, devoting her days to the well-being of her family. “She also works at the Beau-Bassin school for the deaf, where she finds great satisfaction in helping hearing-impaired children like her to flourish,” explains her husband.

Naseeroudeen Auhammud emphasizes that Annisha Juggoo's maternal love goes beyond communication barriers. “Every gesture, every act of love that she offers to her children testifies to her inner strength and her determination to offer them the best,” he concludes with sincere emotion.

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