• He is the subject of an offense of non-payment of fine

A 43-year-old resident of Arsenal was arrested by the Terre-Rouge CID on Tuesday June 4 in connection with a bank card theft case, where a withdrawal totaling Rs 6,300 had been made. This followed a complaint filed by one of his relatives to the Barkly Residence police. The suspect denied any involvement in this affair after his arrest by the men of Sub-Inspector (SI) Forod of the Terre-Rouge CID.

The Terre-Rouge CID sleuths then informed the suspect that he was under investigation for an offense of failure to comply with a court order. In a previous offense in 2023, he was fined Rs 59,900 before the Port-Louis court. However, he has not paid the costs so far. Confronted with these facts, the suspect claimed to have been unable to pay this fine, because he did not have the financial means. “Mo pena ase kas misie,” he told the police. After his interrogation, the suspect was handed over to the Barkly CID team.

In a complaint filed on April 23, a 55-year-old woman, living at Résidence Barkly, claimed that her wallet had been manipulated by someone in her house. According to the complainant, the suspect took the bank card on the night of Sunday April 20. The lady said she then noticed that Rs 6,367 had been debited from her account. In her version, the woman explained that she suspected one of her relatives, the forty-year-old.

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