An inmate from Beau-Bassin prison tried to escape early Monday evening, but he was unable to get far. The guards, once the alert was given, found him as he was preparing to cross a wall.

The prisoner had been incarcerated since April 4 following an attempted theft. He was sentenced to five months in prison and should be released on August 17. However, after two weeks behind bars, he expressed a desire to return to the open air. Indeed, on Monday afternoon, while an officer was patrolling the courtyard of the new wing of the prison, he noticed a blanket hanging on the interior wall. Seeing this, he understood that an escape attempt was in progress and immediately informed his superior. Other prison guards were alerted. The five of them patrolled the neutral zone between the inner and outer walls of the prison.

At that point, they discovered a man wearing a balaclava, trying to lie low while waiting for an opportunity to escape from the prison. Officers apprehended him. It was only after removing his mask that they realized it was the inmate incarcerated for attempted theft. They then handcuffed him and took him to the disciplinary unit for security reasons. Barkly police were alerted to this incident.

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