Vishal Shibchurn fears for his life after being the victim of an attack that occurred on Saturday May 25, 2024 around 4:00 p.m. at Beau-Bassin prison. This inmate gave his version of the incident, claiming that there is a plot to eliminate him. He said he narrowly escaped a murder attempt that day.

On the day of the incident, Vishal Shibchurn told the guard that he was attacked by a single inmate, Vishal Residu. However, according to the information obtained, he retracted his initial testimony. He now claims to have been attacked by a gang of four inmates while he was undressed and preparing to take a shower. This attack seems linked to a matter of settling scores, his attackers accusing him of being “to enn vander la mesh”.

Vishal Shibchurn says he came close to death when Vishal Residu, one of the attackers, took out a box cutter and tried to slit his throat. He says he had to fight for his survival and managed to escape to seek help.

The incident took place in Yard D, a section of the prison where around a hundred prisoners are on remand. This area is known for internal tensions and conflicts. The security of detainees is often put to the test.

Enhanced security measures

Following the attack, Vishal Shibchurn was placed in a secure location within the prison. The prison authorities take this matter very seriously and have put in place measures to ensure his protection. However, the attack raises questions about the ability of the prison service to prevent such violence and protect vulnerable prisoners.

The investigation into this attempted murder is being led by Chief Inspector Rajesh Moorghen and his team from the Barkly Police. Investigators are working to shed light on the circumstances of the attack and identify those responsible. Prison authorities work closely with the police to ensure a thorough and impartial investigation.

Vishal Shibchurn kept in detention until August 20, 2024

Sitaram Roshiwar Shibchurn, also known as Vishal Shibchurn, aged 48, suffered a setback before the Bail and Remand Court (BRC) on May 28, 2024. She rejected his request for release.

However, Magistrate Chitra Soobagrah-Pillay gave an ultimatum to the authorities to initiate a formal trial against this St Hubert resident by August 20, 2024. Otherwise, he will be released on bail.

In fact, the forty-year-old faces three provisional charges before the Mahébourg court, including attempted murder and premeditated assault. He had, through his lawyers, Messrs Narwin Ramdass and Pravesh Nuckcheddy, requested his release on bail. The prosecution, represented by Hanna Sayed-Hossen, State Counsel, objected, citing that the defendant risked fleeing, reoffending, interfering with witnesses and for his own safety.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Heman Dass Ghoorah had reported that on February 2, 2024, Marie Patricia France Armandine said that the accused's son, Majur Shibchurn, had gone to her home. During this visit, he allegedly stole Rs 100 and two mobile phones. He forced the woman and her partner, Henry Agathina, to accompany him in a 4×4 to Beehary Lane to collect the defendant. The Shibchurns then went to the Vale, where the woman and her partner were attacked to put pressure on them to repay the money they were owed. Following this incident, they went to the bank in Mahébourg to withdraw money. Then, the defendant tied the woman with a metal chain and abandoned her in a bush, declaring: “Hell be dead there.” You can stay there even with me.” As for Henry Agathina, he was found the next day at his partner's home. As for Vishal Shibchurn, in his statements to the police, he had refuted the allegations made against him

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