• Sydney André, 67 years old: “Mo finn pik li plizier kout”

Why did Sydney André stab Cindy Virginie L’Eveillé? If this 67-year-old man made a confession just after his arrest on Tuesday, the reason for his action was still unknown as of Tuesday evening. “Mo finn pik li plizier kout,” he has simply told the police until now.

It is this Wednesday, April 3, 2024 that his interrogation will take place. This is also the day he will appear before the Port-Louis court for his provisional indictment for the murder of this 31-year-old mother of four.

The facts occurred near the traffic lights at Résidence Vallijee, Port-Louis, around 5 p.m. on Tuesday April 2, 2024. According to the first elements of information collected by the police, the suspect, who is a resident of Roche-Bois, allegedly arranged to meet the victim at the Résidence Vallijee bus station.

Both would have sat on a bench. But at one point, Sydney André allegedly pulled out a sharp weapon before inflicting several blows on Cindy L'Eveillé. This mother tried to flee, but she collapsed a few meters further on in the street.

The suspect, who was under the influence of alcohol, tried to escape. However, he was caught by onlookers. Furious, some of them beat him. The Line Barracks and Bain-des-Dames police were called to arrest the suspect.

The Criminal Investigation Division of Port-Louis South, the Major Crimes Investigation Team, the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit of Port-Louis South and the scientific police went to the site. Investigators recovered two pocket knives that were in the suspect's possession at the time of his arrest. They suspect him of having used one of them to attack the thirty-year-old. Sydney André was then taken to the Central Barracks where he confessed.

The autopsy was underway at press time. This crime distresses everyone who knew the victim. She is described as an uneventful person who was always friendly.

This is confirmed by Eliette Moratorio, the mother of the victim's partner, in a statement given to Défi Quotidien: “Virginie was a kind and quiet woman. » She maintains that she had met her a little earlier on Tuesday. “I went to see my son. I met Virginie. Then when I came back a few moments later, I learned that she had been stabbed. »

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