More than a kilo of cannabis was seized from 5 passengers at the airport this Tuesday, February 20.

Two French passengers, aged 21 and 22, coming from Reunion aboard Air Austral flight UU102, were intercepted by agents of the Customs Anti Narcotics Section (CANS) as they left the plane by the “Green channel”.

The luggage of these two passengers was scanned. Upon examination, it was found that they contained 628 grams of dried green leaves. A test was carried out and came back positive. The sniffer dog, Scarlet, also reacted positively to the evidence. The street value of the drug is estimated at around Rs 377,100.

Another similar case was detected the same day at the airport. The luggage of three other French passengers on board Air Austral flight UU104 was searched by CANS agents. Upon examination, 480 grams of dried leaves were found and K-9 dogs Simon and Obelix reacted positively. A “presumptive presence of cannabis” test was carried out and also came back positive. The street value of the drugs is estimated at over half a million rupees.

This seizure was carried out by the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA), in collaboration with the Anti-Drug Smuggling Unit (ADSU).

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