Spotlight on 'Monkey Business' on the show 'Au Cœur de l'Info' this afternoon. The conditions surrounding the breeding of macaques in specialized sites or captured in the forest and their export to foreign scientific research laboratories are causing heated controversy these days.

Nawaz Noorbux and Jugdish Joypaul will welcome in the studio Dr Zouberr Joomaye, director of the Mauritius Institute of Biotechnology Ltd and Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister's office, as well as MMM MP Joanna Bérenger.

Speaking by telephone: Mahen Seeruttun, Minister of Agro-Industry, Linley Mootien of the NGO 4 Ti la Pat, and Shaffeck Jhummun, director of Hammerhead International Ltd. We tried to get the main operator, Bioculture Ltd, to participate, but our request was rejected.

See you from 5 p.m. on Radio Plus. The show will also be broadcast Live on Facebook and on the TéléPlus channel on YouTube.

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