In the program “Au Cœur de l’Info” on Radio Plus on Tuesday April 2, politics was at the center of the debates. Today's theme: How far will the PMSD's discontent go? To discuss it, Jean-Luc Emile welcomed several guests on the Radio Plus set, including Ananda Rajoo and Rabin Bhujun, observers and former journalists.

The PMSD leader, as well as party members, openly express their frustration on social networks regarding the distribution of tickets within the opposition alliance. Can Xavier-Luc Duval afford to slam the door and get closer to the government? Does he have more to gain in the ranks of the opposition or by joining the MSM? A situation that does not displease the power in place according to the speakers present on the set of the show.

According to Rabin Bhujun, observer and former journalist, this situation breaks the dynamic that this opposition alliance had until now. “This situation has continued for two weeks. However, with the return of parliament, it was the time for the alliance to score points, but in the end, it was the opposite. They could have maintained the momentum to put some pressure on the government,” he explained.

For his part, Ananda Rajoo, also an observer and former journalist, believes that the PMSD leader is embarrassed by the situation. “At a time when we expected greater synergy, we find ourselves with more doubts and a disunited opposition,” he stressed. However, for Rabin Bhujun, Xavier-Luc Duval's reaction cannot be attributed to embarrassment, but rather to reserve. “According to his statements to the press, he is aware that there is a divergent opinion within his party,” he said. Ananda Rajoo noted that the MSM is putting a lot of energy into attracting the PMSD. “We don't know if there is an offer or not, but the government's posture shows that the ultimate goal is to break the understanding that existed within the opposition,” he observed. However, paradoxically, by doing so, the government is going against what it said. “The power in place is proud of its record and of what it has accomplished with the multiple inaugurations. Moreover, the Prime Minister even said that he is not afraid of his opponents, but of the press,” he added. However, in this scenario, Pravind Jugnauth emerges as the winner in all cases, believing that the opposition is not stable, according to Rabin Bhujun.

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