He wants to go to Thailand for a Muay Thai training session. Vimen Sabapati, who is the subject of a provisional charge of drug trafficking and money laundering, made the request to the Port-Louis court. The prosecution objected.

Vimen Sabapati, 39, was arrested on May 3, 2023 by the Special Striking Team (SST), after the discovery of 10.35 kg of heroin, worth Rs 150 million, in his vehicle. He has since been the subject of an order prohibiting him from leaving the country.

In his request for authorization to the Port-Louis court to travel to Thailand on May 27, 2024, he explained that he had been invited there to attend a Muay Thai training session in the company of ten students. This Monday, June 3, 2024, he informed the Court that his wife and children should also accompany him. As part of his request, Vimen Sabapati retained the services of Me Shakeel Mohamed.

The prosecution, represented by Me Bhamini Prayag Rajcoomar, Acting Principal State Counsel, objected to his request. The debates will take place this Tuesday, June 4, 2024, before magistrate Prashant Bissoon.
Vimen Sabapati is also the subject of a provisional charge of criminal conspiracy before the Port-Louis court. He is accused of conspiring with Constable Goparlensamy Perianen to get the latter to provide him with a mobile phone on June 8, 2023, while he was incarcerated at the Line Barracks Detention Centre.

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