'To lebra mank mwa': the new title by Ashley Pereira, aka BIG, was unveiled last February. The singer announces a series of new songs planned for this year. Meeting with the artist.

'To lebra mank mwa' was launched on February 14.

Love is at the heart of his latest single, “To lebras mank moi”, a work written and performed by BIG. In a few months, he will delight us with a new title, “Beat Sega”. BIG continues to ignite the local music scene with his singles, a habit he has cultivated for over 17 years. A true enthusiast of 'sega love' and the 'sega' atmosphere, he has enjoyed incredible success with titles like 'Mo ti Poule' and 'Kari-la Ti Bon', among others.

“Music is my greatest passion,” confides the artist. Ashley Pereira was introduced to this art from a very young age. However, he had not considered making it a career, contenting himself with singing at home for pleasure. Everything changed in 2007, when his mother died when he was just 16 years old. This tragic event had a profound impact on him, prompting him to dedicate a song to her.

“When my mother, Medgée, left us, her departure left a huge void in my life. Accepting this reality was particularly difficult, but I felt the compelling need to pay tribute to him through a song. She was an exemplary mother, and that’s why I wrote “Pou twa mama”, in her memory,” shares Ashley Pereira.

He performed this song during the Star 2000 competition, organized by national television, and managed to get into the 10 finalists. His remarkable performance did not go unnoticed, and he was strongly encouraged by those around him to pursue his career in music.

“I didn't expect to receive such a positive reception. When people heard my music, they pushed me to persevere,” emphasizes BIG. This is how a producer spotted him and decided to invite him to participate in a compilation. Since then, he has accumulated more than thirty pieces, and released two albums, “Mo ambition” in 2013 and “Swazir Twa” in 2019, as well as several compilations. But BIG doesn't just sing; he also conveys messages through his songs.

BIG plans to release another single this year.

“For me, it is essential not only to entertain, but also to raise awareness among young people. In my songs, I tackle delicate social subjects such as drugs, but also more universal themes like adultery and love,” he explains.

However, not being able to afford to live solely from his music, he currently works as an automobile painter. Married with two children, he is working on a new album which he does not plan to release at the moment.

“I already have ten songs ready, but the problem is that people don't buy as many CDs anymore. It is therefore necessary to find other cost-effective means. I hope the advent of USB sticks will change this. In the meantime, I am publishing a few songs on music platforms,” he explains.

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