• He and his six accomplices ask for protection

Amaanullah Issa Noordinally Bacsoo, 32, and six of his accomplices are now incarcerated at Beau-Bassin central prison. Yesterday, Monday May 27, 2024, they were taken there. Beforehand, before the Port-Louis court, they declared that they feared for their safety in the penitentiary center and asked to benefit from protection. Magistrate Shavina Jugnauth ordered the police to do what is necessary to ensure their safety.

Their next appearance before the Bail and Remand Court (BRC) is scheduled for June 17, 2024.

In addition to Amaanullah Issa Bacsoo, the six defendants concerned are Meraj Mohamad Bageerutty, 32; Mohammad Nawfar Kodabuckus, 28; Nasif Hossenbuccus, 25 years old; Sheik Mohammad Sharaad Usamah Kurmally, 23; Kenwell Julien Marie, 28 years old; Muhammad Nadhir Khan Chetty, a 31-year-old helper. As for Mohammad Nadeen Ahmad Bheekhun, 35, resident of Camp Yoloff, he was returned to a police cell until June 3, 2024.

The eight men were arrested in connection with the bloody brawl that occurred on May 3, 2024, in Port Louis, which led to the death of Goolam Khodabux, 68 years old. They each face a provisional charge of assassination before the Port-Louis court. The prosecution maintained its objection to their release.

Amaanullah Issa Noordinally Bacsoo and Kenwell Julien Marie retained the services of Me Naushad Paurobally. While Me Assad Rujub defends Muhammad Nadhir Khan Chetty and Mohammad Nawfar Kodabuckus. As for Mohammad Nadeen Ahmad Bheekhun, he is defended by Mr. Ridwaan Toorbuth. For his part, Sheik Mohammad Sharaad Usamah Kurmally retained the services of Me Muhammad Zuhayr Ajmal Ali Sahebally. Furthermore, Messrs Ameerah Bandoo and Adarsh ​​Ramkissoon are defending Nasif Hossenbuccus and Meraj Mohamad Bageerutty, respectively.

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