Brandon, 20, a motorcycle enthusiast, lost his life after a serious road accident. His partner, Kimberly, devastated, reveals that they were expecting a son. The Arlapen family mourns the loss of a young man loved and appreciated by all.

Jean Emmanuel Brandon Arlapen, 20 years old, and his partner were waiting for a happy event. The young man, who lived together with Kimberly, was going to become a father. But everything changed for this motorcycle enthusiast. On February 1, during a motorcycle outing with friends, the resident of Chebel had a serious accident on the highway in Rose-Belle. He fell and a heavy weight fell on his feet. Seriously injured, he had to have both feet amputated, then was admitted to intensive care. However, he breathed his last on February 5.

Having a son, holding him in his arms, Brandon couldn't wait to experience these moments of pure happiness. But this happiness gave way to deep sadness. His partner Kimberly must now face the sad reality. “Brandon wanted more than anything to have a son. It was only after his accident that I knew we were expecting a boy,” says the young woman, devastated by his disappearance. They had known each other for over a year. “Brandon was very good friends with one of my cousins. They saw each other often. This is how we got to know each other. I really liked him and we started dating,” Kimberly recalls.

The young man had an interest in motorcycles. “He had a passion for two-wheelers. His father gave him one about two years ago,” his mother Jessica tells us, with a broken heart. Kimberly remembers walks and romantic outings. “We often went out on motorbikes to go for a walk or to the sea,” she says. She recently came to live with him. “When we talked about having children, he always told me he wanted to have a son,” she continues.

baby shower

Then, in September last year, the young couple learned some very good news. ” I did not feel well. I talked to his mother about it and she took a pregnancy test. He was positive. I do not believe it. Finally, on September 24, we went to the hospital and got confirmation that I was expecting a child from him. We welcomed this news with great joy. Brandon was happy to become a father,” says Kimberly.

The future father took great care of his partner. “He did everything for me, he wanted my pregnancy to go smoothly. We had considerably reduced our motorcycle outings. He didn't want anything to happen to me or our baby. He was over the moon that he had already started thinking of a name. We even planned to organize a baby shower,” explains his partner. However, while everything in life was smiling on him, Brandon was going to experience a hard blow from fate.

On February 1, the young man got on his motorcycle. “Along with two others who were on motorbikes, they had to go to Blue Bay. Before he left, I told him to be careful and not come home too late,” Kimberly recalls. With his loved ones, they were far from expecting a call announcing that Brandon had been the victim of a terrible accident. “We learned that a truck had passed over his feet after he fell from his motorcycle in Rose-Belle. My father-in-law was the first to go to the local hospital. The doctor told him that his feet had been seriously damaged and that they would have to be amputated to have any chance of survival. He signed for Brandon to undergo this operation to save him,” relates, with a heavy heart, the mother-to-be.

“When he left the operating room, he slipped into a coma. We had to look at it through a glass,” she adds. A shocking ordeal for the young man's family, who radiated joy of life. On February 3, two days after this terrible accident, while Brandon was struggling between life and death, his partner learned another piece of news that deeply upset her. “I knew we were going to have a son, what Brandon dreamed of,” the young woman confides with difficulty. On February 5, the terrible news fell: Brandon died from his injuries.

His death affects everyone around him. “Brandon had a lot of friends. He didn't drink. He loved his family and was going to be a father. People think my son was racing at the time of this accident. It's wrong. We are already saddened by his death, stop blaming him,” said his mother.

The young man's funeral took place on Tuesday February 6. There were many relatives and friends to pay tribute to him. It was under the escort of bikers that he was taken to his final resting place.

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