The government is preparing to unveil the 2024-2025 Budget and expectations are particularly high regarding social measures. In an economic context marked by persistent inflation and growing inequalities, citizens are hoping for concrete announcements to improve their daily lives.

Strengthening free education

One of the key measures of the next Budget could be a strengthening of free education. Free school kits? Support for students in difficulty? Specialized study programs? Additional financial support for students? Everything is unclear at the moment. But our informants suggest that the 2024-2025 Budget will “definitely” wink at students and that we should expect “big announcements”.

Guaranteed minimum income

The increase in the guaranteed minimum income appears to be another possible flagship social measure of the 2024-2025 Budget. If implemented, it could provide crucial support to the poorest households while stimulating the economy. However, its success will depend on supporting beneficiaries towards employment and the financial viability of the measure.

Possible tax relief for SMEs

The possibility of tax relief for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could also be announced. In a tense economic context, this measure could represent a breath of fresh air, or even a new lease of life, for many economic players. SMEs, considered the engine of the economy, could benefit from a reduction in the tax burden. With the economic crisis and rising production costs, many small businesses are struggling to maintain their activity. A tax reduction would allow them to free up additional financial margins to invest, hire and innovate.

Salary readjustment

One of the most anticipated measures of the 2024-2025 Budget is the salary readjustment. This readjustment in salary levels will correct the anomalies caused by the increase in the guaranteed minimum wage. A decision decreed at the end of January. This increase propelled the minimum wage from Rs 11,575 to Rs 16,500. However, with the provision of a government allowance, the guaranteed minimum income for those occupying positions at the lowest end of the scale is at Rs 18,500. This increase disadvantaged those who were already receiving a salary close to this amount or slightly higher, because they were caught up by those receiving the minimum wage, thus creating a certain injustice.

14th month payment

The possible payment of a 14th month for workers in the country is attracting particular attention. This measure, if adopted, could represent enormous financial support for employees. But the implementation of such a measure raises many questions about its feasibility and its economic implications.

The serene government

“At the government level, serenity is required. The 2024-2025 Budget will have nothing to do with the expression 'fer labous dou', but rather includes key measures for the future and the well-being of the population. The government will not waste all its cartridges on the budget. Certain measures will be announced in the electoral manifesto in order to confuse his adversaries,” it is made clear.

Pre-Budget by Linion Moris

Dev Sunnasy: “The GDP of Rs 1 trillion includes debts of Rs 817 billion”

“We need a Budget aimed at restoring confidence in institutions and not to buy votes. A Budget includes greater responsibility. The country was in massive debt. The growth of Mauritius cannot depend only on three sectors,” pointed out Nando Bodha, from Linion Moris, on Wednesday during a press conference. According to him, the government must exploit other sectors.

Dev Sunnasy, for his part, dissected the Budgets from 2015 to 2023 and showed all the unrealized projects that could have advanced the country in terms of productivity, production and efficiency, among others. He then demonstrated that “the GDP of Rs 1 trillion includes public debts of Rs 817 billion, an increase in taxes and social contributions of Rs 236 billion”.

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