How do Mauritians react after the measures announced by the Minister of Finance in his grand speech? Le Défi Quotidien collected live testimonies from some of them in the capital early Friday evening. Their reactions are nuanced. While they welcome the popular measures, many of them still say they are concerned about the loss of purchasing power. Some spoke of an impasse on points they consider important.


Imran, resident of Port-Louis:
“Lezot mezir mete bien bon, me pa sa ki plin vant. You'll be better off now. Zis sa ki fer dimounn viv. We found a price of Rs 13,000 at the end of the day for the next day. Avan, with Rs 7,000 we can pay as soon as possible. »

carineCarine, maintenance worker (34 years old):
“Mo bien kontan pri gaz pe bese. Me mot ti atann plis. Ti tann dir pou fer labous dou. Seki mo hopes to be fed. Mo bizin lite pou zwenn le boutu tu le mwa. Selman mo akeyir favorman sa Rs 2,000 poo win po man lekol ek gardri. Mo ena 2 zanfan. Its Rs 2,000 per soulaz nou pou nou zanfan. »

jokhooLookman Jokhoo, taxi driver in Port-Louis (60 years old):
“Lesans pann bese. Nou ti pe atann sa. Pann dir nanie lor la. Now, ti bizin parski pri barrel pe bese antie lemon. Isi zero. Ena serves the possibility of serving gas kouma karbiran, me mo pa le. My loto does not perform well. Mo demann sef gouvernnman reget pri lesans. I hope for the election before it comes…”

vivianVivian, bus driver (58 years old):
“This Budget is interesting. There is the minimum wage which is good. The pension announcement is also a good thing for the elderly. But we don't know what the government has in store for us in the coming months. There will definitely be price increases. Additionally, what about transportation workers? »

VimlaVimla, housewife:
“I have three children who are already adults and I am not yet retired. But with my husband, we manage to get by. We cannot blame the government. The measures in this Budget are favorable for many people: young people, children and the elderly. »

JeansJean Pierre, security agent (47 years old):
“I must congratulate the government for these measures. It's a Budget that I find correct. There is the guaranteed minimum income which has been revised upwards. The number of days of maternity and paternity leave will also change. It's good. We must evolve. The allowances will help us. Employers have an obligation to give us decent wages. »

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