The threat of dengue and the urgency to limit its spread have led to a sharp increase in demand for cleaning and fumigation services from specialist companies. What services are most in demand and at what prices are they offered? Overview.

Never have their services been in as much demand as today. Private companies, specializing in cleaning and fumigation services, are seeing an increase in demand during this period deeply marked by the proliferation of dengue fever. While public services are responsible for cleaning across the island to reduce mosquito populations and prevent them from breeding, some individuals and businesses are opting for private companies.
DynaPro Cleaning Service Ltd, for example, is seeing a more than 20% increase in demand. “We are in high demand for our deep cleaning services, mainly from companies,” says Wendip Appaya, the director. He explains that the company already has loyal customers for its services, but with the spread of dengue, new customers are arriving daily for one-off interventions.
“Demand is particularly strong in offices in the capital and in the Northern region,” he adds. He specifies that among the most requested services are the elimination of stagnant water and the cleaning of building roofs.

300 sessions per month, compared to 75 usually

When it comes to the fumigation service, also known as “fogging,” demand is even greater. Pest Handlers Ltd, specializing in the field and based in Terre-Rouge, is observing a 200% increase in demand, as explained by its director, Raj Chummah. “Normally, we carry out an average of 75 fogging sessions per month. However, since the spread of dengue fever in Mauritius, we receive around 300 requests per month,” he explains.

However, he says his company has the capacity to carry out up to a maximum of 150 fumigation sessions per month. “We are strengthening our teams at the moment in order to meet this strong demand,” he adds.

He points out that most customers are individuals. “As far as businesses are concerned, we already have subscribers. However, we are currently seeing an increase in one-off requests from companies,” says Raj Chummah.

Due to a shortage of products required for fumigation, Pest Fighters (EZL Services Ltd) has diversified its services by offering spraying with organic products. “With the increasing number of dengue cases, the State is purchasing fumigation solutions in large quantities, which creates a supply disruption for private companies. In order to maintain our operations, we were forced to turn to other options,” explains the director.

He emphasizes that organic products are particularly in demand, especially by individuals residing on the coastal parts of the island. “Our subscribers now request a spray treatment two to three times a month instead of once as before,” he adds.

The rates

DynaPro Cleaning Service
For one-off cleaning (one-off; Editor's note) in an individual home, prices generally vary between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000, depending on the size of the surface to be cleaned. This service includes high pressure washing the exterior of the house, removing standing water from all corners, cleaning the roof and yard. It may possibly include landscaping work.
For businesses, the average subscription rate is around Rs 10,000 per month. Cleaning is carried out twice a month or more frequently depending on the specific needs of each company.

Pest Handlers Ltd
A “one-off” fumigation session for individuals costs from Rs 2,500, the price being determined according to the area to be treated. For businesses, the cost of a one-off intervention varies between Rs 3,000 and Rs 6,000. As for subscription contracts, the average price is around Rs 1,600 per month for a 12-month commitment.

Pest Fighters (EZL Services Ltd)
For a spraying service using organic products, it costs from Rs 2,000. Prices vary depending on the area to be treated. They apply exclusively to outdoor spaces. For those who subscribe to a six to nine month contract, the monthly rate is fixed at Rs 1,700. The company also offers a disinfection service for the interior of the house, the price of which starts from Rs 5,000.

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