New functions have been launched by Canal+ Maurice. Streaming is becoming more and more present in the live television service.

The satellite television channel and video on demand service, Canal+ Maurice, is evolving. If you are a subscriber to the service, you have undoubtedly recently noticed new functions on your decoder, the application and on the Canal+ Maurice website. These new features were officially presented on Wednesday May 22, 2024 during a ceremony at the House of Digital Art in Port-Louis. This event is part of the 25th anniversary of MC Vision, the Mauritian subsidiary of the Currimjee group, which represents Canal+ in Mauritius.

The main innovation is a mix of live television and streaming videos. Previously, you could only go back if you were already watching a program. Otherwise, you had to wait until it was available on demand in replay, to be able to watch it from the beginning. Now you can return the program to the beginning with one click. This function is available with the decoder connected to the internet, but also on the Canal+ application or the website.

We thus come to the second innovation: the different platforms are synchronized, allowing the user to easily continue reading a program on another screen. He can, for example, start watching a movie on the bus when he gets home from work. Then once home, he can continue reading on the television, where he left off.

Another innovation is Multi-Live which allows you to watch up to four programs simultaneously on the same screen. The fourth innovation is Expert Mode, dedicated to certain sports programs. This function is available on the Canal+ application. It provides access to statistics, highlights, team compositions, on-board cameras, results as well as rankings, for the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League and Formula 1. Note that all these functions require a good internet connection.

“We constantly adapt to technological developments and trends in content consumption to meet the new expectations and new habits of our subscribers. With the addition of all these features, coupled with our relentless desire to offer the best content, we aim to offer the most immersive and optimal entertainment experience to our loyal subscribers,” commented Stanislas Balaÿ, Officer -in-Charge from MC Vision. Canal+ Mauritius boasts more than 70,000 on-demand programs on its platform, including films just six months after their cinema release.

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