The rate of new cancer cases saw a 0.6% decline from 2020 to 2021, according to the National Cancer Registry's annual report released last year. On the sidelines of Anti-Cancer Day, observed on February 4, let us examine the cancer situation in Mauritius and around the world. Also note that the Ministry of Health will launch activities as part of this Day this Monday, February 5 at the Plaza.

The total number of new cancer cases decreased by 0.6%, with a decrease of 0.2% among women and 1.1% among men from 2020 to 2021, as shown in the National's annual report. Cancer Registry (NCR) published last year.

During 2021, 2,866 new cases of cancer were diagnosed, including 1,185 in men and 1,681 in women. The figures also indicate that prostate cancer is most common among men, with 222 cases, representing 18.7% of cases. It is followed by colorectal cancer with 163 cases (13.8%) and lung cancer with 110 cases (9.3%).

Among women, breast cancer is significantly more common, with 591 cases, representing 35.2% of cases. Next come colorectal cancer with 146 cases (8.7%) and uterine cancer with 134 cases (8.0%) (see table).

The sex ratio (M/F) for cancer incidence is 0.70. According to the NCR, the average age of cancer incidence is 63.8 years for men and 60.2 years for women.

Regarding deaths (all causes) in 2021, it appears that 1,575 deaths were due to cancer. 777 deaths occurred among men and 798 among women. The sex ratio (M/F) for mortality is 0.97.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality among men, with 140 deaths (18.0%), followed by colorectal cancer – 100 deaths (12.9%) – and prostate cancer with 99 deaths ( 12.7%).

Breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer mortality among women, with 257 deaths (32.2%), followed by colorectal cancer – 93 (11.4%) – and lung cancer with 63 (7.9%). %). The Mortality/Incidence (MI) ratio is 0.66 for men and 0.47 for women.

Globally, cancer is responsible for an estimated 9.7 million deaths. The ratio is one in nine men and one in 12 women, according to the World Health Organization. The UN organization also believes that one in five people face cancer during their lifetime. The figures also indicate a total of 10.3 million new cases of cancer for 2022 among men and 9.7 million new cases among women for the same year (see infographic).

The number of cancer cases is projected to be 77% higher than 2022 figures by 2050. WHO also believes that rising population aging contributes to this alarming increase, as does risk factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity and air pollution. Addressing cancer risk factors will help protect people against cancer, according to the WHO.

The most common cancers in men in Mauritius

Type of CancerNumber of CasesPercentage
Source: National Cancer Registry

The most common cancers among women in Mauritius

Type of CancerNumber of casesPercentage
Body of the uterus1348.0

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