Residents of Chebel were unhappy that staff at the Brown-Séquard psychiatric hospital and a police team took time Monday evening to care for a person suffering from psychiatric disorders. And a local resident beat a 51-year-old sergeant. “Vinn travay stasion Coromandel, to pou kone ar mwa,” the suspect said to the sergeant.

Staff members from the Brown-Séquard psychiatric hospital, accompanied by a police team, went to Kosovo, to Chebel around 11 p.m. on Monday. They found around 30 hostile people at the scene.

A sick individual, who was lying in an abandoned house, was taken care of by staff at Brown-Séquard Hospital. Police helped transport the individual to the hospital in an ambulance.

The crowd was hostile towards the police. “Si ti ennn lot plas zot ti pou fini vini avan”, onlookers would have suggested. At one point, a certain Fabrice attacked a police sergeant. He hit him several times and his colleagues had to intervene.

The officer was injured and received treatment in hospital. He is on sick leave. In a statement, the sergeant indicates that he could identify the onlookers who attacked him. Coromandel Police have launched an investigation.

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