The partner of lawyer Akil Bissessur, Doomila Devi Moheeputh, deplores that her cell phone is still in the hands of the police. She argued that a witness will reveal who leaked the intimate video on her cell phone. On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, she answered ninety-six (96) questions in the wake of her complaint for Rs 150 million in damages in the Supreme Court for gross negligence.

The complaint by Doomila Devi Moheeputh (47) is directed against the State, the Commissioner of Police Anil Kumar Dip, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, the former No.1 of the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) Heman Jangi, the Superintendent of Police Ashik Jagai and policewoman Jamac Foolchand. The latter are named as defendants in this case.

Doomila Devi Moheeputh (the complainant) indicated, in her complaint written by Me Ayesha Jeewa (attorney), that the police search of her home in Palma on August 19, 2022, her arrest, her detention and the escape of a intimate video of her companion and she traumatized her. For her, the actions of the police in this case constitute serious misconduct.

On November 7, 2023, the defendants had sent a list of 96 questions to Doomila Devi Moheeputh. They had asked to inspect evidence relating to the leak of an intimate video of her and her partner, her arrest, the officers involved in this operation, among others.

She replied that before the leak, it was only her and her partner who were aware of the existence of this video. Moreover, the original is on his mobile phone which is still in the possession of the police for unknown reasons.

In addition, the forty-year-old mentioned that a witness will be called to the trial to testify who are those who allegedly leaked this intimate video. Furthermore, she explained how her arrest, detention and this leak of intimate video caused her harm. While adding that other evidence will be placed before the Court to support its legal battle.

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