Tragic end for Wayne Lebon, aged 22. This resident of Ste-Croix, victim of a road accident on April 22, did not survive his injuries.

At the corner of Ducray and Nicolay streets, on the night of April 22, the motorcycle driven by young Wayne Lebon collided with another two-wheeler driven by an 18-year-old from Cité Briquetterie. Seriously injured, the two motorcyclists were rushed to Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital.

Sadly, on Tuesday morning, Wayne Lebon, who was a painter, breathed his last in his hospital bed. The autopsy carried out by Dr. Monvoisin, forensic pathologist, attributed the death of the motorcyclist to “Acquired Respiratory Distress Syndrome”.

On Wednesday, a motorcycle parade of his friends and relatives accompanied the remains of Ste-Croix to the Bois-Marchand cemetery, in Terre-Rouge. The young man's death leaves a great void for those close to him.

Abercrombie police have launched an investigation to establish the exact causes of this fatal collision.

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