During Yogida Sawmynaden's trial in the Constituency Clerk case, Simla Kistnen admitted to the Supreme Court that some information in her affidavits was inaccurate. It was this Wednesday, February 21, 2024 in the Supreme Court.

These inaccuracies particularly concern the Private Prosecution against Yogida Sawmynaden and the complaint for 50 million rupees against the former minister. Simla Kistnen's statements focused on the date she discovered her role as Constituency Clerk. She admitted having learned it after the death of her husband, contrary to what had previously been indicated.

Questioned by Me Raouf Gulbul this Wednesday, Simla Kistnen admitted to having indicated in her affidavit and her complaint that she had discovered her role as “Constituency Clerk” in July 2020, i.e. before the death of her husband. While in her statement to the CCID, she mentions the month of January 2021. Faced with these contradictions, she recognized that this information was not accurate.

Earlier, before Mr. Darshana Gayan, Assistant DPP, she declared that she did not know the responsibilities of the position and had never authorized her late husband to draw a salary on her behalf.

The cross-examination of Simla Kistnen will continue this Friday.

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