The country always progressed when the PMSD was part of the government, underlines Xavier-Luc Duval. He is particularly committed to defending and consolidating democracy.

The women's wing of the PMSD held its congress at the Trianon convention center on Saturday afternoon. During his speech, the party leader, Xavier-Luc Duval, pointed out that “the next government will have to stop the waste”. He then pledged to “defend and consolidate democracy”.

“We are in an election year. Inn ler pou koz kare kare. The PMSD has been in existence for 68 years. Our strength lies in our convictions. We are sincere in everything we do. Can we put it late and then we will leave it there. There is doubt in PMSD integrity. The PMSD has had historical leaders such as Jules Koenig and Sir Gaëtan Duval. San Gaëtan Duval, we left it to sleep,” says Xavier-Luc Duval.

He then returned to the achievements of Sir Gaëtan Duval, such as the tourist industry, textiles, or the suspension of the death penalty, among others. “Partou kot nou’nn ale rezilta lor rezilta. PMSD proud kan ena dimounn krwar dan nou. We are committed to defending and consolidating democracy. We are committed to fighting fraud and corruption. We are committed to realizing all the legitimate aspirations of every Mauritian citizen. We are committed to fighting drugs. We are committed to treating drug addicts and drug addicts. Kont lor nous pu fer Moris returned enn nn plezir pour sak Morisien. »

Lam Shang Leen Report

The leader of the PMSD says he “learned a lot” during the organization of this congress. “Or do you know the big problem that bann madam inn dir mwa? Zot inn dir mwa se ladrog. Drugs threaten our children. Drugs threaten our families. Ladrog ennn grand preokipasion pour bann madam. » For the PMSD, the recommendations of the report of the commission of inquiry into drugs must be “completely” implemented. “Nou pa kapav kontinie ar ladrog koumsa. Lam Shang Leen inn dir bizin closed Adsu. I add that we need to bring in foreign investigators so that they can give a helping hand to the Mauritian police to eradicate drugs in the country. »

Cost of life

Concerning the cost of living, the leader of the PMSD declared: “Priority for the government to put itself at full stop of the rupee depression and invite parallel inportation for all dimounn. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) report highlights Mauritius' strong growth following the COVID-19 pandemic and falling inflation in the coming months. Me antretan, we can atann bidze ki governman ek minis Padayachy popose kont serte lavi, pouvwar dasa ek pri dan lil Moris,” he said.

Extended program

Another point raised by the PMSD leader: education. « Extended program ti mete swadizan pou ed zanfan pov. Me 98% zanfan fel first lane. Ek 94% zanfan fel deziem lane. Or pa kapav earned his kalite looked at it to bann zanfan. Sirtou bann zanfan pov. The educational environment requires reform. The Extended program must be trashed and if necessary, return to the old system which at least gave children a chance. This goes without saying for the 5 credit criterion for the HSC. We have seen its system abolished. We returned 3 credits. Na pa iron diskriminasion. Donn zanfan Moris zot drwa pass HSC”, pleads the leader of the PMSD.

Pay parity

“Dan sekter prive kifer enn madam gagn mwins kas ki enn misie? Work on it. I'm sure we'll see what we can do in the future. 'Equal pay for equal work'. Li absoliman esansiel. “We don’t have a disk crime,” insists Xavier-Luc Duval.


“By returning to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) we will continue to find support and support from all Moris,” wishes Xavier-Luc Duval. Last point raised: the identification (by the Ministries of Social Integration, Education and Youth and Sports) of talents within disadvantaged families.

Status of women

“The Mauritian is hardworking. We congratulate everyone who works at home and at work. I thank Aurore Perraud for the work she did when she was minister. We can't do anything different in my life, madam-la. I can prove that my mother has intelligence in Moris. If you vote for Moris, PMSD will support you personally. We finish winning before we start,” points out the leader of the PMSD.

Xavier-Luc Duval says he is “grateful” of the importance of women in politics and as party activists. “Ek kouma tou dimounn pe dir, eleksion li pa lwin. Look around you. The 'Blue ladies' come from all communities. “But there is no political party that can go to the next door, but it is the responsibility of everyone,” he emphasizes.

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