Created by the Mauritian government to address the economic and health impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the COVID Solidarity Fund aimed to support efforts to combat the virus and mitigate the economic consequences for people and businesses. affected. However, according to the latest financial statement tabled in the National Assembly, it is revealed that the Covid Solidarity Fund showed considerable losses of Rs 1,023,636,938.

The financial report, which does not dwell on the specific reasons for this deficit situation, however shows that the government paid Rs 156 million to this fund. Of this amount, the sum of Rs 89 million was allocated as subsidy for essential commodities. This sum was transferred from the Centrally Managed Initiative and managed by the government to the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA). The remaining amount, or Rs 67 million, was used for the subsidy of 9 cents per regulated loaf. Additionally, a sum of Rs 89 million was transferred to the MRA for payment of subsidies on essential commodities.

It is also stipulated that the Covid Solidarity Fund has allocated Rs 167 million as part of the Employment Bonus program.

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