The head of internal audit at the Central Water Authority (CWA), Yousra Lalmahomed, has resigned. She denounced “abuses” in a letter addressed to the General Manager, Prakash Manthrooa. She explains the reasons for her decision.

Yousra Lalmahomed reports that since reporting certain internal problems, she has been the victim of verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation and retaliation. The CWA Board of Directors has received a copy of this letter.

She, who gave one month's notice, will be stationed at the CWA until June 30. In her resignation letter, she emphasizes that her role required independent judgment and the ability to report findings objectively.

Yousra Lalmahomed claims that, in the exercise of her duties, she had identified and reported several internal control problems. However, following these reports, and particularly since a compliance audit for the pipe replacement program, she says she has been the victim of verbal abuse, bullying, harassment, intimidation and retaliation.

She mentioned two memos dated March 29 and April 5, issued under the authority of Prakash Manthrooa, which contain, according to her, unfounded, discriminatory and defamatory accusations against her. Her responses, dated April 16, 2024 and May 27, 2024, demonstrate the continued harassment she allegedly suffered, she says.

Yousra Lalmahomed also expresses her concern regarding the fact that the 2023/2024 Internal Audit plan was not approved by the board of directors due to certain inaccurate statements. This left the Internal Audit Division without strategic direction and hampered its progress.

She deplores that despite her efforts, no significant measures have been taken. She said that while she is deeply disappointed by the current situation, she is proud of the work her team has done and remains confident in their skills and experience. She concluded by saying that she would look for opportunities where her work would be valued and her independence respected.

Asked for a reaction, Prakash Manthrooa refused to comment on these allegations. We learn that the matter will be discussed at an upcoming meeting at the CWA.


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