• Samad Nohur, the “dentist” who operated without a license
  • Vials of cocaine seized

A fake dentist and the manager of a dental practice in Goodlands were caught in the net by the men of Sergeant Arnasala of the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit (DCIU). Samad Nohur, 50, who operated as a dentist without a license, and Ali LM, 33, a dentist who worked in the office, were arrested.

During the raid, 50 vials of liquid cocaine were discovered. This police operation was mounted on the basis of information collected on the ground, relating to the activities of a “brown” dental practice.

When the DCIU arrived at the dental office, located in a shopping center, on Tuesday June 4, around twenty patients were waiting for their turn for care. Elements of the DCIU also waited on site. Samad Nohur was with dentist Ali LM in the office.

After a while, the police revealed their identities and informed the suspects that the premises would be searched. Samad Nohur explained that he was the person in charge of the premises and Ali LM, the dentist on duty. The young man confirmed that he had worked there since May 2022 for a monthly salary paid by Samad Nohur.

Ali LM, however, explained that it was Samad Nohur who took care of the extractions and recovered the money. “Mo kone li pena permi dantis,” he confessed. Pressed with questions in turn, Samad Nohur admitted his illegal acts to the DCIU agents: “Mo dakor monn fer enn erer, me donn mwa enn sans”.

Cocaine discovered

During the search, nine vials of cocaine were found. Samad Nohur explained that he used this product for tooth extractions. The 50-year-old man also admitted not having a license to use cocaine. He was arrested for “possession of dangerous drugs”.

“Mo served his pou tir ledan. Mo pe tras enn lavi,” he explained to the police. The vials of cocaine were placed under seal. A sum of Rs 4,500 was also recovered on the spot. Police asked patients who were waiting for their turn to report to Goodlands police station for witness testimony.

The young dentist Ali LM was informed of his arrest for the offense of “conspiracy to do a wrongful and unlawful work”. The police told him that he would be the subject of a complaint to the Dental Council.

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