After serving eight months in prison, the former minister and ex-Chairman of the Mauritius Ports Authority, Siddick Chady, finds himself facing another legal disappointment. The Master's Court ordered the sale of two of his properties.

Siddick Chady saw his second request, aimed at objecting to the sale of his real estate, rejected. This, in a decision rendered on May 22, 2024, by the Deputy Master and Registrar (DMR) of the Supreme Court, Vijay Appadoo. The latter concluded that the objections raised by Siddick Chady in the second motion were “repetitive” and “had already been judged”. Which constitutes, according to the authority, “an abuse of procedure”. The DMR thus ordered to proceed with the sale at the bar of two properties which belong to it in Beau-Séjour, Quatre-Bornes.

In fact, the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB), had granted three loans, totaling Rs 16.8 million to the company Medical Care Center Ltd. Siddick Chady acted as guarantor for these loans. However, Medical Care Center Ltd has been placed into liquidation. On April 24, 2006, the MCB began the sale procedure at the bar of the properties.

Siddick Chady then filed a first incidental motion to contest the sale of his property. She was rejected on August 26, 2011. Her appeal ended in failure on March 25, 2013.

Subsequently, Siddick Chady increased attempts to block the sale by filing a constitutional complaint before the Supreme Court and resorting to the King's Privy Council. He subsequently abandoned his appeal to the King's Privy Council. His complaint deemed “frivolous and vexatious” was dismissed in 2022.

Formal defects

This is how he lodged his second incidental request by raising objections to the sale based on formal defects concerning the procedure of the sale at the bar. The DMR ruled that these objections violate the principle of res judicata.

Siddick Chady has just been released from prison after his conviction for corruption in the Boskalis affair.

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