A demonstration by employees of the Casino de Maurice took place today in Curepipe. They are demanding more consideration, including being paid on Sundays as stipulated by the Worker's Rights Act.

Employees are also demanding a significant salary increase of 24%.

Ashok Subron, their union representative, said that the general meeting of employees will be held on June 6, when a decision will be taken on the actions to be taken.

Contacted by telephone, a manager from the Casino de Maurice, who preferred to remain anonymous, maintains that it is a legal right for the union to demonstrate.

However, he denies that employees are not paid on Sundays under the Worker's Rights Act while adding that there are no complaints before the Ministry of Labor.

Furthermore, he also emphasizes that the casino's finances are in the red, because revenues and the number of customers have drastically decreased. As a result, he expressed concerns about finding the 24 percent increase that employees are asking for.

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