Chartered accountant Kriti Taukoordass was dismissed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, January 31, 2024. Justice David Chan Kan Cheong rejected her application to obtain the disclosure of details of bank accounts held by the former Minister of Good Governance , Sudhir Sesungkur and his wife Dharmila Sesungkur, at the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB).

He also requested details of the bank accounts of Corporate Financial Services Ltd (CFS) and Mazars Ltd. The judge found that there was no valid reason to justify such a request. He noted that Kriti Taukoordass already had detailed information on the bank account in question.

Kriti Taukoordass specified, as part of his request, that he had created the company Sesungkur Taukoordass & Cie with Sudhir Sesungkur. The company, which operates under the Mazars brand, provides audit, accounting, tax and consultancy services through CFS Ltd and Mazars Ltd. Kriti Taukoordass claimed that Sudhir Sesungkur had fraudulently transferred USD 288,500 from Mazars Ltd to a USD account at MCB of which the Sesungkur couple were the only signatories. Furthermore, according to Kriti Taukoordass, an additional USD 150,000 was transferred without her consent.

The Supreme Court recalls that Kriti Taukoordass has already filed a complaint to claim the reimbursement of USD 219,250. Which represents her alleged share of 50% of the total embezzled sum of USD 438,500.

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