After more than a week of speculation revealing tensions within the alliance between the Labor Party (PTr), the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM) and the Mauritian Social Democratic Party (PMSD), efforts are being made on all sides to calm the situation. The summit meeting between the three leaders, Navin Ramgoolam, Paul Bérenger and Xavier Luc Duval, which had initially been threatened, was still planned for last night. But what really led to this uncomfortable situation?

Without a doubt, the announcement of the distribution of tickets by the leader of the PTr, Navin Ramgoolam, with the allocation of 35 tickets to the Reds, 17 to the MMM and eight to the PMSD, was the trigger. On the blue side, two figures, Adrien Duval and Alexandre Duval, were at the origin of the revolt. An audio message attributed to one of Xavier Luc Duval's sons quickly circulated to denounce the number of tickets granted to the PMSD.

Then, the participation of Xavier Luc Duval and his son, as well as other members of the PMSD, in a commemoration ceremony in honor of the victims of the March 2013 floods in Port-Louis, alongside members of the Socialist Movement activist (MSM) and its leader Pravind Jugnauth, was widely seen as a sign that the PMSD might prefer to join the MSM rather than stay alongside the MMM and the PTr.

The situation within the alliance is therefore more tense than ever, with great anger expressed within the MMM, which denounces the maneuvers of the PMSD.

Reached by telephone to comment on speculation that the PMSD seems to be moving closer to the MSM, Adrien Duval affirms that these are only unfounded rumors. However, when asked about the number of tickets allocated to the PMSD, he did not mince his words. “There was dissatisfaction with the eight tickets and the manner in which this announcement was made. We made our voices heard,” he says.

The former MP for Curepipe/Midlands also emphasizes that it is up to the leader of the PMSD to take care of this with the other leaders of the alliance. “There will be a meeting tomorrow (editor's note: this Wednesday) and we are confident that we will be able to obtain a better agreement,” he adds, indicating that the PMSD has a solid electorate in several constituencies in the country and that the party cannot afford to abandon the members of this electorate, particularly in constituency No. 3 (Port-Louis Maritime/Port-Louis Est).

This situation is being closely monitored on the political scene, both within the opposition and the government, which hopes to be able to seduce the PMSD at the last minute.

On the Blue side, this situation does not seem to please everyone. Indeed, we learn that two PMSD deputies are ready to stay alongside the PTr and the MMM if the PMSD really comes to seal an agreement with the MSM. To be continued.

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