Naseeruddin Mudhoo returns to the tragedy that occurred off the coast of Poudre-D'or on Monday evening. A fishing trip between four police friends, all assigned to the Piton detention center, did not go as planned.

Constable Parkiyaven Moorghen fell into the water and was swept away by the waves, says Naseeruddin Mudhoo.

At one point, the police found themselves on the high seas and all were thrown overboard. That's when they were separated.

While Naseerudin Mudoo, 40, and Steeve Fortuno, 34, were rescued by the National Coast Guard, the search for Parkiyaven Moorghen and Vimal Sunnassy, ​​both 32, continues.

“I was on the high seas for three hours. I escaped death. God is big. He spared me,” says Naseeruddin Mudhoo.

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